Rockaway Republican Resurgence

Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 4 at the Knights of Columbus

Marty Golden

The Rockaway Republican Resurgence rolls on! The October meeting will we held on Beach 90th Street at the Knights of Columbus. Rockaway is a big place. We continue to rotate our events between Belle Harbor, Breezy, Broad Channel and Rockaway Beach.

Highlights of our October meeting will include:

  1. Issues Committee statement on anti-Semitism
  2. Guest Speaker: Former Assemblyman and new Republican Dov Hikind
  3. Update on efforts to fight the migrant camp in Floyd Bennett Field

The Knights of Columbus is at 333 Beach 90th Street in Rockaway Beach.

If you are interested in standing up for American values, please RSVP… even if you cannot make our next meeting on the 4th.  Agenda below.  And don’t forget…

RRC will hold a Winter Gala at Belle Harbor Yacht Club on December 14.



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October 4 Meeting at the Knights of Columbus*
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The mission of the Rockaway Republican Club is to increase education and awareness of conservative values and of the understanding of Republican party principles, which support the values upon which America was founded. These values include personal freedom, individual liberty, economic freedom, free markets & free & fair trade, and a Constitutionally limited government.

The Club shall attract members into and involve them in the Republican party at all levels of government. We will help secure the election of all Republican candidates in the general elections, especially candidates from Rockaway and Broad Channel.

All registered Republicans who reside in Rockaway or Broad Channel are eligible to join and/or attend our meetings.


    • 6:45-7:00 Sign in and socialize
    • 7:00 Welcome and Pledge – Club President Mary Glynn
    • 7:10 Statement of anti-Semitism – Issues Committee
    • 7:20 Assembly candidate Tom Sullivan
    • 7:30 Keynote Address – Dov Hikind
    • 8:00 Feedback on By-Laws Amendments
    • 8:10 Old/New Business
    • 8:30 Adjourn