The American Dream
for Every American

About Paul

Paul King is a lifelong New Yorker who has lived on the Rockaway Peninsula for 50 years. Through his family and neighbors, Paul has seen how the American Dream works for everyday Americans when education, faith, family, opportunity and hard work come together.

Paul at the Whitestone meeting
Paul at Council Meeting

Why Paul?

Paul King is a man who is respected by neighbors in Queens and peers around the globe. He understands that our country is not perfect but as a professional problem solver he knows we can create a more perfect union by working together — across racial and political divides– and living up to our American ideals.

Plans that Matter for Your Family

Paul isn’t just “against the other party.” He has actionable plans to fix the system and assure opportunity, personal security, and a good quality of life for all American families. A fair chance to “pursue happiness” is the birthright of every American.

Young scholar

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