hear / see Paul in action

As an honest problem-solver and fellow citizen, Paul King is willing to answer all questions (even if the answer is “I do not know) and make clear his ideas and his priorities.  Look below for interviews, podcasts and speeches.

Why am I Running for Congress?

To protect the American Dream for future generations.

Radio Debut with WABC in New York

Talking politics on the iconic Bernie & Sid in the Morning show.

First Day of School

We need to do better for children, parents and teachers.

Fine Feedback from Peter King

The former Congressman tells New Yorker why Paul will win.

Peace March – Stop the Gun Violence

Makng a statement in the community on Sutphin Blvd.

Peace March, Part 2

More from Aracelia Cook of the 149th Street Civic Association

September 11 – We Remember

Honoring the heroism and recommiting to United We Stand.

Student Loan Disgrace

Robbing future generations to buy votes today.

Joann Ariola Endorsement

Proud to have the support of out outstanding Councilmember.

Compliment from a Hero

Bryan Stern digs Paul.

Edgemere – An Important Community

 Dreaming against the government tide

Gateway – A Neglected Jewel

My promise to restore our National Recreation Area.

Independence Day

A call to action: Stand up for America

Michaeal O’Reilly Endorsement

A good man asks, “Where the hell is Meeks?”

The Afghan Debacle

Thoughts from Project Dynamo.

Tony Nunziato Endorsement

Support from the head of the Queens County GOP.

Empowering Parents

Giving you tools to help your kids succeed.

Crime: Restoring Public Safety

Citizen safety is Job 1 for the government.

Radical Left vs. the American Dream

We must stop the bleeding and undo the damage.

Richmond Hill

Concerned about their children and the future.