rockin’ reboot!

Rockaway Republican Club packs BHYC, forges new path

Rockaway Republicans — The Sleeping Giants Have Awakened!

Thank you to everyone who attended the first post-pandemic meeting of the Rockaway Republcan Club on Tuesday, February 7… and to all those who RSVPed with regrets.  We have more than 100 Republicans engaged — and that number is growing.  Join the team by completing the membership application online. You can read about the meeting in the Wave.

This meeting was just the first step. We need to form committees, elect officers, and mobilize Rockaway’s political strength. Here are ways you can participate. We are polling members about issues to prioritize. The intial results are:

Please sign up, get a friend to join, and think about how we can put our common sense, conservative values to best use for this city, this state and the USA.  See you at the March meeting!.

Oh, and we need to build a website! Do you have the skills to help us?