Flag Day fundraiser – june 14

Celebrate Old Glory and Help the RRC Grow! Jamesons, 7 p.m.

Alison Esposito

Help your Rockaway Republican Club raise the funds we need to pursue our mission and stand up for American values in these turbulent times. Please RSVP.  If you cannot make it on June 14, please consider a donation. 


    • Light food, beer and soda
    • Best dressed red, white and blue competition
    • Grand Old Flag sing along
    • Short speeches – Alison Esposito, Joann Ariola, Marty Golden and more…
    • Trivia game
    • Voter registration drive
    • Young Rockaway Republican launch


Join us at Jamesons from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Suggested donation is $50 but any amount will help. Click here to RSVP and/or make a donation or scan the QR code.


The mission of the Rockaway Republican Club is to increase education and awareness of conservative values and of the understanding of Republican party principles, which support the values upon which America was founded. These values include personal freedom, individual liberty, economic freedom, free markets & free & fair trade, and a Constitutionally limited government.

The Club shall attract members into and involve them in the Republican party at all levels of government. We will help secure the election of all Republican candidates in the general elections, especially candidates from Rockaway and Broad Channel.

All registered Republicans who reside in Rockaway or Broad Channel are eligible to join and/or attend our meetings.