Amato Declared the Victor in AD23

Tom Sullivan’s Election Day Victory Has Been Erased

We Must Fight On!

Today, the Board of Elections released its final count in the race to represent our district (23) in the NYS Assembly.  Many of you, no doubt, thought this outcome a foregone conclusion.

Tom Sullivan won the vote on Election Day, including all legitimate absentee ballots. Two months later, after the courts changed the rules at least twice, Stacey Pheffer Amato has been awarded re-election as our Assemblywoman. The margin was 15 votes.

It certainly helps to have the Democrat machine behind you. Where do we go from here? Do good citizens quit or do we fight on tomorrow?

Before you answer that, let’s tip our hat to Tom. Few gave him a chance of winning our gerrymandered district. He got great turnout in 11694 and 11697; he also worked his butt off to flip votes in Ozone Park, Arverne and Far Rock. Tom Sullivan is a good man who earned every vote, earned our respect, earned our gratitude. I hope to see his name on the ballot again.

Ms. Amato will represent in the Assembly us the next two years, just as Gregory Meeks will do so in DC. Tom and I didn’t win our elections, but Rockaway was a winner.

We demonstrated our political strength — again. Rockaway had a big role in electing Joann Ariola to the City Council last year. You gave me 5,000 more votes than Gregory Meeks. You gave Tom Sullivan what should have been enough votes to send him to Albany. Even Lee Zeldin came here to ask for our votes during Freedom Fest.

Let’s put our strength and our values to use. This peninsula and this country are worth fighting for.

More to come…


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